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Kapya Cunda Kapya Cunda
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Kala Cunda
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Cunda Island
Cunda Island Cunda Island

In the heart of Cunda Island - Kapya Cunda Hotel

Cunda Island, with its cobblestone narrow streets where you can hear elderly people speakingGreek at any moment, the sea breeze carrying the scent of iodine to your face, accompanied bythe sounds of seagulls and tranquility... This is Cunda Island.

Since 1998, when it comes to Cunda Island and Cunda Island Hotels, Kapya Cunda Hotelimmediately comes to mind, where you'll feel the spirit of cultural exchange and Turkishhospitality in every detail. With a total of 23 rooms designed for 2 or 3 people, Kapya Cunda,located in the heart of Cunda Island, welcomes guests aged 16 and above throughout the year,eagerly awaiting the arrival of its valued guests.

Start your day at Kapya Cunda with an open buffet breakfast and continue by enjoying theswimming pool. If you wish, you can spend the rest of your day in the center of Cunda Island ortake the Cunda-Ayvalık ferry to Ayvalık by sea.

Our hotel also offers conference facilities, an indoor breakfast room, Kala Cunda Restaurant, anda pool bar among its other services.

Kapya Cunda Hotel
Kapya Cunda Hotel
Kapya Cunda Hotel
Kapya Cunda Hotel

North Aegean Tastes - Kala Cunda Restaurant

Kala Cunda Restoran, a migration kitchen with one side facing Mount Ida and the other side reflecting the exchange, comes to life by the poolside of Kapya Cunda Hotel in the heart of Cunda.

Northern Aegean appetizers accompany meat and fish cooked over an aromatic oak wood fire...

In Kala Cunda's extensive menu, alongside meat, fish, and chicken options, there are also vegan and vegetarian choices available.

Explore Kala Cunda, open during the summer season from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM!

Cunda Adası

Explore Cunda Island

Cunda Island, an old Greek settlement, where all streets lead to the sea. Along the coastline, you're accompanied by the sounds of fishing boats. With every step you take, with every breath you inhale, you remember why you're here.

Once you visit, a part of your soul becomes Cunda. You'll find yourself on the road back to the island at your first available free moment. Leaving home for Cunda is the most beautiful reason. Cunda is your story. Cunda is Kapya...

Located at the heart of Cunda Island, Kapya Cunda Hotel is designed for those who want to truly immerse themselves in the island life. From the design details, a modern interpretation of neoclassical architecture, to its breakfast, everything about Kapya Cunda Hotel will immerse you in the essence of Cunda Island.

From Kapya Cunda, you can walk to attractions like Taksiyarhis Church, Pazar Square, and Cunda Beach, all situated in the center of Cunda Island.

Extraordinary service, amazing food, the friendliest and best staff

I spent a week at Kapya Cunda and would highly recommend this place to everyone. The incredible team of dedicated staff are so wonderful. I loved the daily breakfasts which were plentiful and so varied. I had the most incredible sleeps and loved the pool. The menu is extensive and a wonderful mix of Turkish and western food. The drinks menu was heavenly. You will be made to feel so welcome and taken such great care of during your stay. I am so looking forward to returning for another holiday.

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Very friendly and helpful staff. Awesome hotel.

This was our first time in Cunda Island and we are so happy that we chose this lovely family hotel. It was an amazing trip! Thanks to all the hotel staff who made our holiday more joyful. Room, restaurant, pool and everything was great. I highly recommend it.

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Great Choice of Hotel

My cousin and I visited the Kapya Cunda for a long weekend and we both think it was the best choice we could have ever made. Great location, great service, great smiling personnel, great breakfast, very clean and serviced hotel rooms. It is an adult hotel, that is why it was very quiet and relaxing. Steps away from the town center yet very quiet. I would definitely go back without the need for looking for some where else. Thank you Kapya Cunda for this lovely experience.

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