Cunda Adası

When you set out to come to Cunda Island, Ayvalık welcomes you first. It starts to prepare you for Cunda with its narrow cobbled streets, sea-smelling people and all the details of history. While admiring the sea on your side, you suddenly come to the famous bridge. ''Turkey's First Bosphorus Bridge'', which is the only road connection of the island, welcomes you in its own language.

The smell of iodine, its greenery and unique architecture are the first things that attract your attention when you enter Cunda Island, also known as Alibey Island. The name Alibey Island comes from "Ali Çetinkaya" who fired the first bullet during the national struggle.

Cunda Island, which is included in the borders of the Republic of Turkey as a result of the exchange treaty, is a former Greek Island. Every detailon the island is obliged to tell you about the exchange. This is thehometown of a people who were forced to leave their birthplace.

All streets in Cunda lead to the sea. On the seaside, the sounds of fishingmotors accompany you. With every step you take, with every breath youtake, you remember why you are here...

Once you come here, a part of your soul becomes Cunda. In your firstfree time, you find yourself on the road to come to the island. Cunda isthe best reason to leave home. Cunda is your story. Cunda is Kapya...

Cunda Island


Eat Okra with Olive Oil.
Drink Sage Tea while watching the fishing boats at the Fisheries Cooperative! Make black olives as an appetiser and eat Cunda Broad Beans!

Drink Raki with Aegean appetisers!

Eat Papalina, a fish special to the bay of Ayvalık!

Try the real Ayvalık Toast with tulum cheese and tomatoes!

Taste the gummy cookies, salty sticks and curd dessert special to

Ayvalık! Drink Koruk at Şeytan'ın Kahvesi!

Taste Akkız, Izvinya and other Ayvalık herbs in Spring and Autumn!

Try the Island Meatballs, specialised by the Mytilene Immigrants!

Taste Ayvalık Olive Oil with geographical indication!

Try Curd Baklava, the dessert of the immigrants!

Taste Cretan Chickpeas made in sand, an Ayvalık snack!

Try Kelle (Basket) Cheese and Curd made from sheep's milk!

Eat stuffed zucchini blossoms with olive oil!

Taste freshly picked crushed olives at harvest time!

In April, eat Cunda Artichoke, whose benefits are countless!

Taste the early harvest Fresh Olive Oil in October! Try the unique flavour

Karadiken in winter!

Kapya Cunda Hotel
Kapya Cunda Hotel


Culture and Arts


Watch plays performed in various places throughout the year, participate in workshops and be a part of them.


Attend the open-air concerts and shows held throughout the summer at the Amphitheatre in the centre of Ayvalık and watch the performances accompanied by the stars.

Ayvalık Film Festival

Join the film festival held in September-October. Watch valuable films together with the creative team. See how well the festival matches the city.